Top 10 reason I stop eating McDonald’s.

I have been struggling to find a good idea for this top 10 list, and recently I decided to stop eating McDonald’s, so I would just list 10 reasons why I stop eating McDonald’s.

10. No more happy meal toys.

McDonald restaurant near SFSU ran out of boy's happy meal toys. Photo by: Hang Cheng.

9. Weight Issue.

Most recent measurement of my weight, 253.5 pounds. Photo by: Hang Cheng

8. Blood pressure.

Most recent blood pressure checking. Photo by: Hang Cheng

7. High Calories.

McDonald's nutritional fact chart, Screen capture by: Hang Cheng

6. Too old for the play ground.

McDonald's playground outside of the restaurants. Photo by: Flickr/cjc4454.


5. Nasty food.

McDonald's mushroom & swiss angus snack wrap. Photo by: Flickr/theimpulsivebuy


4. Too Greasy.

Bacon grease. Photo by: Flickr/Caitlinator


3. Ate too much of it.

Too much McDonald. Photo by: flickrk/odomut

2. Fake Chicken.

McDonald's chicken nugget. Photo by: flickr/JacobEnos


1. Watched “Supersize Me” recently.

Poster for the movie, "Supersize Me"


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