Top 10 sundaes on Flickr

People in food channels have turned cakes into an art form, why not give ice cream sundaes the same recognition? This is a story about the top 10 photographs of ice cream sundaes posted by Flickr users. The photographs were chosen by me based on the size of the sundaes, the toppings, the flavors, the appearance and the creative execution.

For example Flickr user, Swamibu was ranked number one in my top 10 list because the sundae was abnormally large and had more ice cream toppings compared to all the other sundaes on the top 10 list. Flickr user Sarah Ross was ranked number 10 because it didn’t look as impressive as the other sundaes. However, I would still eat it.

1. The following photograph shows Swamibu’s over-sized ice cream sundae, which include flavors like french vanilla, mint, and fudge. Swamibu’s sundae had toppings such as whipped cream, fudge drizzle, and nuts.

The biggest ice cream sundae ever. Photo Credit: Flickr user, Swamibu.

2. Mspt47’s photograph of a sundae with extra whipped cream.

Ice cream sundae with fudge and extra whipped cream. Phot Credit: Flickr/user Mspt47

3. Muffintop’s fudge sundae neatly topped with whipped cream, orange sprinkles, and a cherry on top.

Medium sized fudge sundae at a restaraunt. Photo Credit: Flickr/user muffintop

4. Chescafran’s sundae crushed with oreos, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Oreo cookie sundae. Photo Credit: Flickr/user chescafran.

5. TheCulinaryGeek’s photograph of small sundae in a martini glass. The sundae a strawberry, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate syrup and a cherry on top.

A mini sundae in a martini glass. PhotoCredit: Flickr/user TheCulinaryGeek

6. Willy Volk’s messy looking ice cream is a chocolate sundae with extra whipped cream, caramel, and a couple cherries. It also includes a tiny American flag at the very top.

Messy chocolate sundae with extra whipped cream. Photo Credit: Flickr/user Willy Volk.

7. Pikaluk’s martini sundae has strawberry and vanilla ice cream. The sundae’s toppings include blackberry, strawberries, a cookie, and a little whipped cream with chocolate chocolate drizzle.

Another sundae in a martini glass. Photo Credit: Flickr/user Pikaluk.

8. CookinCanuck’s gourmet looking sundae includes whipped cream, chocolate mouse, and strawberry slices.

Mousse sundae in a small glass. Photo Credit: Flickr/user: CookinCanuck

9. Aloveletteraway‘s sundae is a small sundae, which has fudge, nuts, and mint leaves on top instead of cherries.

Another mini sundae topped with mint leaves. Photo Credit: Flickr/user aloveletteraway.

10. Sarah Ross’s semi melted ice cream with M&Ms in a bowl.

Mini sundae with M&M's semi-melted. Photo Credit: Sarah Ross photography



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