Top 10 Vegetarian Dishes

It seems like more and more people are changing their diet from carnivorous to vegetarian. If you are thinking about it, here are the top 10 veggie dishes that will convince you to go meatless…YUM!

Whole Wheat Ziti with Pesto, Asparagus, and Seitan

Photo by Kari Sullivan

Veggie Burrito von oben
Photo by Stephen Mossel

Vegetarian simulated seafood chow mein
Photo by Geoff Peters

Pastaless Lasagna at FIG, Santa Monica
Photo by TheDeliciousLife

Gardein Vegan Burger at Loving Hut Restaurant
Photo by SweetOnVeg

Tofu Poke and Veggies Salad
Photo by Norwichnuts

Photo By Wern Don

veggie pizza
Photo by Mike McCune

Blueberry Stuffed Swedish Pancake
Photo by Norwichnuts

Fish tacos
Photo by Jmayer1129


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