Top Ten (“Clean”) Places to Pee in SF


A researched and ranked list and map showing the cleanest public restrooms in San Francisco

Compiled by: Tearsa Joy Hammock
Based on insider info from locals

Where do you go when you gotta go in San Francisco?

With all the shopping and stopping at local eateries, it is most likely that you will need a place to use a restroom and hopefully a clean one at that. Much to your relief, there is now a practical and much needed list of the top ten places to pee according to those who know from experience. Check out the map to help you navigate your way to safe seating.


(1) City Hall restrooms– According to SF Weekly, the BEST public bathroom (2008)

1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl

They’re still the best, believe me, I know. I was there recently.

This location is not often thought of when looking for restrooms in SF, thus the well-maintained restrooms.


(2) Nordstrom’s Lounge Restrooms

865 Market St.


(3) Bloomingdale’s Restrooms

845 Market Street

Go to the spacious, clean “lounge” on the second floor
–according to Cyndi L. reviewed on Yelp

(4) Westfield San Francisco Centre Family Lounge

865 Market Street

Very clean facilities yet “poorly designed”
–according to Cyndi L. reviewed on Yelp

(5) Four Seasons Hotel Public Restrooms

757 Market Street
Another clean restoom that is not the first location to come to mind when looking for restrooms.
“It’s located on the same floor as the restaurant.”
Cyndi L. reviewed on Yelp

(6) Banana Republic’s Restrooms

256 Grant Avenue
Bathroom on the women’s floor single occupancy one & accommodates a wheelchair (very big room!)…pretty clean and most of the people who shop here don’t really know about it….other bathrooms on the lower level”
Cyndi L reviewed on Yelp

(7) Palace Hotel Restrooms

2 New Montgomery Street
There is a trend here with hotel restrooms on this list.
Basically, nice hotels=nice bathrooms (as long as they are located near the front door/adjacent to the lobby so that you aren’t stopped for not being a lodger.)
Cyndi L
reviewed on Yelp

(8) Forever 21’s hidden restrooms

1 Powell St.

Located on the third floor.

(9) Ferry Building restrooms

1 Ferry Bldg 

“As public bathrooms go this is pretty clean. That is if you don’t go on Saturdays. Crazy, crazy lines out the door.”
Cyndi L reviewed on Yelp

(10) Embarcadero Center restrooms

1 Embarcadero Ctr.

The bathrooms here are a bit on the hit or miss category. I’ve been told that they can be pretty scary, depending on the time of day but whenever I’ve used them, they’re fairly clean. I think that they’re out of the way enough that it doesn’t get scary usage from the genral public…all the restrooms are on the 2nd floor across from the escalators except for maybe one of the buildings…” —Cyndi L reviewed on Yelp


Crate and Barrel restrooms

55 Stockton Street

This place is off the beaten path so that equals clean and not scary…on the second floor and in the back. Pretty tucked away.”  —Cyndi L reviewed on Yelp

Please help make this list full and accurate! Feel free to comment below if you found any other happy toilets to add to ours.

Happy flushing in “the City!”

Toilet sources–

“Yelp Public Bathrooms that aren’t so scary” by Cyndi L.:

“SF Weekly Best Public Bathroom 2008”:

Tearsa Joy Hammock is a student intern at and is studying Journalism with concentration in photojournalism at San Francisco State University.

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