Top Ten Hardcore Punk Bands

With all the genres of music that have touched American culture, it’s sometimes overwhelming and hard to keep track of. Some seem to be rather horrible and make me wonder why they were invented; some are just weird, stimulating the curiosity part of your brain and leaving you stumped as to whether you like it or not; and others are completely, ground-breakingly epic and become a part of who you are. Punk rock from the 80’s, along with some other genres, has always been an interest of mine since elementary school. Over the years, I have come to favor some bands over others, with a few if not most being on my list since the beginning. There is definitely more than ten but here is an attempt to make them fit.

10. GG Allin

GG Allin made the list because of his sheer shock factor. If you have any values, are under 18, or quite frankly lack a sense of humor, don’t listen to him.

image by Vibracobra23

9. The Subhumans

Although I’m not into too many punk bands from the U.K. (don’t get me wrong, some of them are great) I’ve been into the Subhumans for quite a while. They have controversial subject matter and over all good music.

image by Eggybird

8. The Circle Jerks

With the former front man of Black Flag, Keith Morris, the Circle Jerks were a major L.A. hardcore band. I’ve always been into Morris’s voice and style. And his freakishly long dreads.

image by Incase.

7. The Dead Kennedys

With Jello Biafra as the singer, this band was very definitive and unique. Biafra’s voice is one of the most well-known in punk rock.

image by catharine_anderson

6. Flipper

Flipper is super awesome because unlike other fast, crowd pleasing bands at the time, they would play slow and abrasive to purposely get a rise out of the audience. you can’t get much more punk than that.

image from Malco23

5. 7 Seconds

7 seconds is an optimistic energetic band that I’ve been into for a long time. They played fast and were talented musicians.

image from Sarri Sarri distro and records

4. Bad Brains

The Bad Brains are extremely iconic in the genre and were the first all black punk band. The singer, H.R. is known for his stage presence and complete devotion of his body and soul to his art. I personally like the notes they choose to play and the amount of energy they play them with.

image from GregKolls

3. Black Flag

Black Flag is probably the most well-known and followed hardcore band from L.A. their logo is four black bars, the disorder bars. they have been permanently marked on the skin of people across america, and thanks to me, etched into the desks across my middle school and high school.

image from Vibracobra23

2. Minor Threat

Minor Threat has always been one of my favorite bands. Although I never claimed straight edge I was always super into this band and know a great deal of th lyrics by heart. They played a huge part in hardcore and the idea of DIY, do it yourself.

image from Vibracobra23

1. The Misfits (only with Glenn Danzig)

I know the Misfits are a little played out and just about as exploited as a punk band can get, but they were my favorite band at a very young age. My fascination with them was somewhat like that of a preteen girl with the Backstreet boys, or an Aryan German citizen with Hitler.

image from Vibracobra23

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