Top 10 Most Dangerous Attitudes in Comic Books

This is a list for geeks or fans of superheros. I am both at times. I thought to myself what kind of list do i actually want to spend time making that i’ll be proud of when it is finished? And i came up with superheros. This list composes a list of the top ten positions for most dangerous attitudes in comics. Superhumans can be a danger to the universe and buildings around them, this is a peak at that. It is my opinion, so it’s all subjective. I also may have forgotten one of your favorites, feel free to comment and tell me who you think deserved to be on the list. Excelsior!

Deadpool- The merc with a mouth

(Photo credit: Flickr/Dashu Pagla)

10. Deadpool– To be fair Deadpool doesn’t necessarily have what i would call a classic “bad attitude.” But he does have an attitude that is bad for others. The guy is a nut (although an awesome one) and being around him is dangerous because he’s so unpredictable. Granted with a healing factor which helps counteract the cancer in Wade Wilson’s body, but left him scarred, and a knack with weapons hard to match, Deadpool is a force to be reckoned with. Heck he broke the fourth wall and talked to his audience, he talks in speech bubbles that everyonoe else can hear. And with his healing factor he hardly has the sense to keep himself out of trouble. His attitude’s danger to others is what puts him at number 10.

(Photo Credit: Flickr/ Aka Kath)

Captain America
(Photo Credit: Flickr/ DuckBrown)

9. Tie: Captain America/ Superman– I know I know how could these guys be put on a list of people with dangerous attitudes. Simple. They are too good. In a world of shifting morality and modern viewpoints Captain America and Superman’s boyscout mentality quickly becomes more a of an inhibition than a help to them sadly. They do both adapt in their own ways but overall I see their attitudes as dangerous to themselves in a dangerous comic book world.

(Photo credit: Flickr/Valerie Everett)

8. Spiderman-Similar to the previous item Spiderman himself is not dangerous. Well unless he’s in a symbiote suit, or being impersonated, or if one of his enemies goes to far, or if he’s a zombie, or if….. well maybe he can be sometimes. Overall this choice is because of his mopey attitude. To be fair he has a dangerous and dramatic life but at some times his attitude gets in the way of his performance and that is dangerous both to him and NY which seems to always be under attack by one of his enemies.


(Photo credit: Flickr/DarkPatator)

7.The hulk– To be fair the Bruce Banner can’t be held accountable for the dangerous attitude that the hulk holds, this is why i kept him fairly low down on the list because the hulk cant be controlled easily. Controlling the hulk is like trying to keep a rhino from chargin with a rubber band tied to its tail, near impossible. I can’t likely seperate the two( although this has happened, but that’s another story for another time) and they are two halves of a whole if you will. Hulk’s attitude is dangerous to the max, yet his time at Bruce keeps him at number 7.

The Thing
(Photo credit: Flickr/tkksummers)

6. The thing– Similar to the hulk but without the excuse of blinding rage. The thing is just grumpy and bitter because of his transformation. “Why Me?” seems to be a constant question and a grating one. Unlike Spiderman who also shares this sense of angst at times Ben Grimm is much bigger and tends to be more destructive. In addition his battles usually involve his huge rocky exterior being flung through a couple buildings. His attitude is all about confrontation and fighting, and that’s why he is solid at number six.

I Am Iron Man...
(Photo Credit: Flickr/TESfox)

5. Iron man- Let’s face it guys, Iron man has a bad attitude, and also a dangerously unpredictable one. He’s a playboy, an alcoholic, a billionaire, and oh yeah a superhero who has a suit capable of shooting lasers. Putting a drunkard into a highly dangerous living weapon is my definition of dangerous. His attitude is fairly flighty for a superhero, prone to addiction, arrogance, and ignorance at times. Tony Stark has his moments in superhero history but he has a very dangerous attitude for the amount of power and responsibility at his finger tips.

Magneto - Keychain Superhero Villain
(Photo credit: Flickr/Mrs. Gemstone)

4.Magneto– Dont be fooled by his fluffy and cheery demeanor, Magneto actually has a very dangerous attitude. Surviving as a Jewish boy in Nazi Germany and kept in camps, Magneto grew with a great hatred in his heart. He carries that hate with him now as the protector of mutant kind, as he believes that it is normal humans who are their opressors and therefore he forms the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants dedicated to terrorism to assert Mutants’ dominance in the world. He definitely has a dangerous attitude.

(Photo credit: Flickr/ Woolennium)

3. The Juggernaut-is a beast. The power of the Juggernaut knows no bounds and most people tend to cross the globe in order to stay out of his way. As the Brother of Charles Xavier, leader of the X-men, Cain Marco gained the power of the crimson gem of Cytorrak, a mystic gem which turned him into the massive and angry metal-clad individual with a power so great they call him unstoppable. And also he’s a jerk, his attitude is mean, vindictive, petty, and angry. He hates his brother and anyone who gets in his way. Without the morality of the Thing or Bruce banner, the Juggernaut claims his spot in the top of dangerous attitudes.

In darkest night!
(Photo credit: Flickr/Big c. Harvey)

The Punisher iPhone wallpaper
(Photo Credit: Flickr/Xploitme)

2. Tie- Green Lantern(Hal Jordan) and the Punisher- Both are very angry men, for different reasons. The punisher’s family was killed by NY gangsters and takes it out on organized crime with guns. Lots of guns. His attitude is dangerous because he will shoot anyone who isn’t 100% innocent if it means getting a job done. He will hunt down criminals without trial and pop a cap in them, no questions asked. He is dangerous because his attitude is violent and unforgiving.

Hal Jordan reigns has one of the most dangerous attitudes out of both the Marvel and DC universes. The dude has issues, and to be fair alot of them come with the trade. Having to deal with the annoying blue midget guardians, Sinestro, the yellow lanterns, every other color of lantern that recently popped up(Rainbow lantern is coming i’m sure.) His history is a long and complicated one but he’s destroyed the Green Lantern corps. Twice. Even Sinestro is jealous. His attitude is quite the testy one and I can’t wait for him to emotionally blow up and destroy everyone. Again.

Wolverine pencil drawing (7)
(Photo Credit: Flickr/Markouli)

1. Wolverine– Wolverine has a new problem each week, he definitely has rage issues and has even gone feral a few times. He has no reserves with killing people who are not the good guys, and even good guys better watch their back if you make him angry. He has memory problems and is often making some unpredictable journey to murder someone to find something out. He constantly threatens the leader of his team and finds giving others respect more than difficult, almost impossible if they’re an authority figure. He hits on Cyclops’s wife Jean Grey and is loose with the trigger finger on his claws. He is a solid 1st place.


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