Top Ten Video Game Consoles of All Times According to Me

Here are the top ten video game consoles of all time. It is based on the quality of games, impact, and graphics.

10. Sega Saturn: Although it didn’t last very long due to the impending Sony Playstation in late ’95, this in my opinion sparked the revolutionary transition from cartridges to disks.

photo courtesy of WalkingWounded /flickr

9. Nintendo Gameboy: Arguably the most popular handheld game of all time. Every kid had one of these. The quality of games; the accesibility and convienence undoubtedly puts it in the top ten.

photo courtesy of wwarby /flickr

8. Nintendo 64: Nintendo needed pull something out of the hat when Playstation hit the scene in the mid 90s. They did with the N64; It was revolutionary with it’s innovative controller which featured a mini joystick. SuperMario cart was never better on any other game.

photo courtesy of whatleydude /flickr

7. Sega Genesis: The Genesis was amazing. I miss mine everyday. The games were so much fun. Sonic, NBA Jam, the Simpsons, were all classics.

photo courtesy of Cirofono /flickr

6. Super Nintendo: Who didn’t have a Super Nintendo? Classic system with classic games. Zelda, Donkey Kongs, Starfox, etc.

photo courtesy of moparx/ flickr

5. Playstation: The Sony Playstation in my opinion brought video games to the masses. Definitely a revolution. New games; better graphics. Had much bigger impact than the Sega Saturn.

photo courtesy of PseudoGil/ flickr

4. Xbox: When the Playstation 2 hit around 2000, Microsoft felt they needed to get in the video console mix. Not only did they mix, they made a splash. They pioneered the Xbox live experience, enabling a games to compete with other games across the world.

photo courtesy of benjamin-nagel/ flickr

3. Atari: Atari, the godfather of video game consoles. Enough said.

courtesy of farnea (flickr)

2. Playstation 3: The Playstation 3 is honestly one of the best systems I’ve ever played with. It’s honestly untouchable. The graphics are so clean. You’re able to go online, blueray, etc. This system has it all. A must buy.

photo courtesy of PseudoGil (Flickr)

1. Nintendo Wii: I ranked the Wii number one because honestly it’s the most revolutionary and productive video game console ever made. You can play a host of games. Bowling, tennis, golf simulating games. You can even workout. Kids love it; parents love it. It’s fairly affordable. Nintendo Wii best console currently.

photo courtesy of Soda O (Flickr)


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