Joyful Moments

Joy is defined as “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” While it is a universal expression, the way one expresses the emotion varies. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve while others have more subtle ways of showing how they feel. The following collection should reflect joy in various forms and levels of excitement. From Sacramento to San Francisco, including a Giants game, Joy can be witnessed in almost any moment–no matter how significant or simple the moment.

A Child's Laughter

A Child’s Laughter

Lourdes Rodriguez holds her nephew. He smiles as she tickles him.


Friends go out to Breakfast

Friends at Breakfast

Amanda Fode, Annabel Anderson, Arianne Torres and Bryan Chu enjoy coffee together outside Stacks in Hayes Valley.


Day out with the Boys

Day out with the Boys

Two young boys and their father walk to AT&T Park ready to root for the Giants.


Girl with Grandpa

Girl with Grandpa

Girl gets a lift from her grandfather hoping a player will toss her a ball.


Here comes Lou Seal

Here comes Lou Seal

Giants and A’s Fans wave excitedly when Lou Seal jumps over the railing.


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