Trend of Ethnicity in SFSU from college year 97/98 to 07/08

SF State is a multi-culture campus. Students here have diffferent ethnic backgrounds.

The following chart shows the trend of ethnicity of SF State students in the latest 10 years.

Data source:

As is shown in the chart,  several conclusions can be drawn:

  1. Among all the ethical groups, students from Asia accounts for the largest amount in these ten college years.
  2. Native Americans and The Pacific Islanders are always the two least amount from college year 97/98 to 07/08
  3. The amout of each ethnic groups increase slight in latest ten years.
  4. From 00/01 to 01/02, there was a obvious decline in the amout of  Total Asian, African American and Filipino.

Questions from the chart:

Why there was a decline in the amount of Total Asian, African American and Filipino from college year 00/01 to 01/02? What happened at that time?

Additional link: Ethnic Studies in SF State


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