Erin’s Blissful Photos

Surfer Tim Cole, coming back from his morning ritual of surfing at Ocean Beach

SFSU senior Jenna Moreno takes a break between classes to enjoy the sunshine


Erin Bates admires the flowers at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, CA

Steve Aoki Concert-goer in a state of extreme happiness and wonder at the Warfield in San Francisco, CA

Matt Rawlings enjoys a relaxing day away from class in Berkeley at Dolores Park in San Francisco, CA

All of these photos were taken at blissful moments. To me, bliss is a feeling of complete surrender to positivity. It is a mix of excitement, peacefulness, serenity and wonder. It is my favorite emotion, and people experience it in different ways. For some, like Tim Cole, it is a daily feeling that he achieves while going through his morning ritual. Other instances of bliss can occur at exciting moments. While the concert-goes may not have been in a classically serene moment, his state of mind was blissful. He has completely surrendered to the positive energy of the crowd.


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