Hazy and confused

Confusion affects humans and animals alike. The emotion can also be plastered all over inadament objects. One place where confusion is the leading emotion uniting people is at the Greyhound Station. There are multiple things going on at once and most people have absolutely no idea where to go or what to do. Pugs frequently appear confused, so it is safe to say that their faces are just made to be that way. A confusing situation might arise when a B list celebrity like Mischa Barton shows up at a dive bar in Echo Park called The Thirsty Crow and starts hanging out with a close group of friends she has never met before. When the engine of a car blows up en route, people tend to be bewildered, especially when they are clueless as to how an engine actually works.

Laila Bengharsa at STK Lounge

Laila Bengharsa at STK Lounge in Hollywood on April 3.

Greyhound Station Los Angeles

Greyhound Station, Downtown Los Angeles, April 4 2011.


Ralph in the passengers seat of a VW Jetta in Los Angeles, April 1.

Bears driving a car

Two bears parked in the Century City mall parking lot in Los Angeles on April 2.

Geoff Halliday and Cameron Brooks

Geoff Halliday and Cameron Brooks wondering why Mischa Barton was at Thirsty Crow Bar with them on March 31.

Kitty, always confused

Confused Kitty in the kitchen, March 30.

The car almost exploded.

Natasha Behrens and Elliot Saarandien try to figure out the problem with the engine in Los Angeles, March 30.


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