Discrepancies in graduate degrees granted at SFSU by ethnicity

The discrepancies in the number of graduate degrees granted by San Francisco State University from 1997-2008 based on ethnicity is overwhelming. Whites are the ones that receive the largest percentage averaging about 60 percent with an average of 600 degrees each year. The second largest ethnicity would be Asians with about 14 percent receiving a graduate degree averaging approximately 160 degrees per ceremony.  The third group is Latinos who only amount to an average of 55 degrees per ceremony, about 5 percent of the graduating class.

The number of San Francisco State graduate degrees given to Latino students has remained constant and increased only slightly. Asians with masters degrees have steadily grown. But the “up and down” effect was drastically shown with the whites throughout the decade but there seems to be no consistent pattern for it to be so. Based on the chart and data, one can only conclude that the number of students receiving graduate degrees from SF State may continue to follow the same pattern where people of color are a drastic minority and are nowhere near the goals of equality in the classroom.

The chart can make one ask the following: Why are these numbers so drastic and what is causing this massive difference to continue consistently? Will there ever be parity in education?

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