joyous moments

A family takes a dip in a fountain at the Golden Gate Park music concourse on March 31.

Chris and the beer vending machine
Christopher Natividad rejoices when a vending machine accepts his dollar at a music venue in Oakland. The vending machine at Sugar Mountain was modified to dispense beer for 75 cents.

water slide
Brian Goett enjoys a temporary water slide at the flooded Anna Jean Cummings park in Santa Cruz on March 26. The park was flooded after torrential rains.


A group of boys holler at parade goers during the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown on April 17.

A group of friends cool off on a hot day in Venice Beach on April 1.
Joy can be quite elusive. It shows up unexpectedly and disappears just as fast. I wanted to capture genuine moments of happiness to remind ya’ll that it’s out there if you want it to be. If your looking for a great place to hike in Santa Cruz, Anna Jean Cummings Park is awesome. Oh, and check out My flickr if you get a chance!

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