SF State Degrees By Ethnicity

As far as degrees are concerned, not much has changed in San Francisco State University in the last decade. The number of total degrees awarded fluctuated slightly from year to year, but according to SF State’s data ethnic groups have never exceeded over 10 percent of the total degrees awarded, with the exception of the total Asian population.

Neither Pacific Islanders nor Native Americans have exceeded one percent of the total degrees awarded. African Americans and Latinos both remained at about 6 percent of total degrees awarded throughout the decade. Asains were awarded about 25 percent of the total degrees over the decade. Whites fluctuated between about 40 and 45 percent of the total degrees.

Do the degrees awarded reflect the number of students who applied and were admitted to SF State? How many are international students? Why does the Asian population earn more degrees than other ethnic minorities? Do Whites compose 40 to 45 percent of the student population at SF State? Why hasn’t the number of degrees awarded to minority ethnicities increased in the past decade?


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