Serious expressions during ‘not-so-serious’ moments

In Merriam Webster’s dictionary ‘seriousness’ is defined as showing, thoughtful or subdued appearance. Webster also defined seriousness as something relating to a matter of importance. Seriousness is probably one of the more fascinating emotions, especially during the least appropriate times. Most people associate serious expressions with anger, deep dark secrets, illnesses, and arguments. However, as it turns out serious expressions can be associated with more whimsical moments and tend to pop up in the most random places such as work, home, a restaurant and even at a bar. The following photographs, which are also posted on my Flickr page, show strangers and family members with serious expressions in odd places and moments.

Sibbling rivalry
Caption: My siblings teasing each other at the dinner table.

Serious beads
Caption: A clerk at the Bead Store, located on the Castro, intent on helping a customer find the perfect gift for his wife.

Intense burger place
Caption: One of the cashier’s from Super Duper Burgers, also located at the Castro, taking a customer’s order. Although the clerk looked serious he was actually telling a joke to the customer.

Workout photo
Caption: One of my sisters breaking a sweat from exercising in our garage, looking as intense as Mike Tyson.

Serious student
Caption: My younger sister reading “To Kill a Mocking Bird” for her English class. This is one of the few moments she has been serious about anything.

Play time
Caption: My younger brother attempting to play basketball with a volleyball in our parents’ backyard.

Birthdays and bars
Caption: My mom and aunt gossiping at a bar called Antlers, located on San Pablo Ave., while drinking French Martinis for mom’s birthday. It’s one of the few times I’ve ever seen my aunt look serious.


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