A lesson in “How to be Bored.”

What to do when boredom stirikes?! I don’t feel like being productive, or doing homework I guess I’ll take pictures of what others do when they’re bored, then maybe i’ll know what to do.

Another day at the office

1: You can sit at random places and watch others do stuff.


2: Do the staredown with random parts of your body. (I snapped 40 shots of this girl over 3 minutes of her looking at her nails, before she realized I was taking pics of her).


3: I’m just kidding PRETEND TO READ,  (readings for productive people).

4: Almost get hit by a car because your paying more attention to your phone call and sitting in a parking spot (her reaction to the car wasn’t captured I really thought she was going to be hit). That will bring a little bit of excitement to your life.  Then after wards continue to sit there…  now thats BOREDUMB!

5: Grab your bike and have fun by yourself at BART. WEEEE!!!! (note: the guys face in the blackhoodie was priceless).

6: When all else fails, just look out the window of a starbucks…


For more detailed (and funny but true) descriptions of these photos check out my Photostream on  flicker.

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