Happy Happy Joy Joy

According to Meriam-Webster, joy is a state of happiness or felicity. These photos below document happy or joyous moments I have collected with my Olympus camera.


Kids performing a Purim skit at my congregation. Purim is like the “Jewish Halloween.”

Happy Kids

This photo explains the joy and fun the kids are having doing this skit.

Happy Birthday, mom!

My mom, Aliza, celebrating her birthday. Such a fun time! I’m glad I caught this picture!

Pier 39 - San Fran

The crowd at Pier 39 on a gorgeous day in San Francisco. So many people love Pier 39 and it just brings the little kid and joy out in them!

Man's best friend

My friend Ryan and his dog at “The River” up North. I caught this intimate, happy, moment between them.


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