Joy 2 the World :D

Happiness is found within sharing joy. These pictures represent the people and places that bring me joy everyday, as they are the constant reminder of where my own happiness can be found.


This is my friend Sam standing next to this crazy creature in Santa Barbara. Music is her passion, and it’s where she finds the most joy.


Amy just enjoying the simple things…It’s impossible not to smile when blowing bubbles#Fact.


Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure…Emma is ecstatic about her lucky finds.


This photo was taken  from “the happiest place on earth.” Hey, it’s a small world after all!


This big fella wants to lick an ice cream cone.


PEACE ❤ & Happiness. This was in my friend’s car. It kinda makes you want to smile, even when your stuck in traffic.


Dalton is one of the happiest people in the world. He’s pretty shy, but he always has a smile on his lil’ face.

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