People don’t get enough sleep … or do they?

Any number of stories have indicated that Americans don’t get enough sleep. Moreover, and especially troubling for people of college age, texting, Tweeting and computer use is a huge part of the problem.

With tiredness a national epidemic, people are fighting for the right to sleep in public. Laws against sleeping in libraries and other public places have been proposed or have taken effect, generally in an effort to curb homelessness. Yet others, say getting a nap while you can, such as on public transportation, is just what people need.

The following pictures demonstrate people who have taken that advice to heart:

Nap in the student center

Something about the SFSU student center makes it conducive to nap taking. (Or maybe it's just the effort it takes to be a student.) Photo by John Baker.

Another napper in the student center

Another student center napper. Photo by John Baker.

Tired Girl

Kids, especially, will sleep whenever -- and only when, parents will say -- they get the urge. Photo by John Baker.

Out past bed time

Sometimes kids will stay up past their bedtime. At other times, they will zonk out wherever they are when the magic hour arrives. Photo by John Baker.

Sleep Train

Of course, occasionally, the kids will stay up while the parent sleeps in public. Photo by John Baker.


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