SFSU XPress Magazine staff, spring 2011, sees their first issue for the first time (Modest Excitement)

This magazine staff experiences a sense of excitement as they got their first glimpse of the magazine they had been working on for two months. There is nothing like getting to see the final version of what you put so much time into, in print and ready to be distributed to fellow students. While no one in the images is jumping out of their seat for joy, there is a definite level of excitement in the air. These pictures are the proof that this group came together and made this issue happen, oh yeah, and a magazine, that is proof too.

Grace and Megan are the Editors of the magazine.
Don't tell us what to do

These two did a story together.
Check it out

Nicole (standing) did a story about neglected dogs.
Did you see my story?

Grace did a good job as Editor in Chief.
The boss

A birds eye view of the issue.
Looky here

Graham was a sub-editor.

Matt did a story about the best places on campus to go poo.
Where's the bathroom?


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