Sleep: Even the strongest man cannot withstand

Sleep Depravation and chronic sleepiness are serious issues.

According to her WebMD article on the topic, What Lack of Sleep does to your Mind, Camille Peri states: “Most people who don’t get enough sleep don’t recognize the toll that it takes on their cognitive and mental health.” She goes on to mention that lack of sleep impairs your abilities to think critically, remember, and learn.

However, sleepiness as an imagery of the emotion can be quite entertaining. Lack of sleep makes people goofy, cranky, and even endearing sometimes.
This is a collection of photographs of a variety of people I came across who really need sleep.

1) Fell Asleep with a Fur Hat On
Charlie Chase is so tired he forgot he was trying on Jackie’s hat before he passes out.

Fell asleep with a fur hat on.

2) You Better Quit It!
Woken from his slumber, Chase threatens the photographer.

3) F* U Leave Me Alone
The photographer is shaking with laughter as Chase is now clearly annoyed. Mission accomplished.

4) Sleeping on the Job?
A chef in an upscale French fusion restaurant in Japantown takes a break in between the lunch and dinner shifts.

5) Passed Out Warm
Many people, homeless or not, enjoy the sunny, grassy places to sleep at Yerba Buena Gardens.

6) In Her Happy Place
An elderly woman sleeps peacefully on a cement area at Yerba Buena Gardens.

7) Deep Green Sleep
This is some young man on the MUNI.

Moral of the story is: Get plenty of sleep folks or you might have your picture taken in the most random of places!

Find the author and photographer, on Twitter!
All of the above photos are the property of Tearsa Joy Hammock.


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