Muni: A convenient way to travel in San Francisco?

Have been waiting in hollowing winds or pouring rains for a Muni bus to come? You are not alone. The students from San Francisco State University told us their experience with Muni around the city.

Muni stands for San Francisco Municipal Railway. It is founded in 1912 and carries public transit service in San Francisco.

The questions asked were:

  • How long would you spend on average for a Muni bus to come?
  • Is it convenient traveling with Muni in hte city and why?
  • Overall, how do you find Muni here?

The intention of the conversation was not to blame the important public transportation system. However, the reactions turned out to be negative in large. The unpunctuality of the buses triggered huge attack. So did the slow speed.

The coverage of Muni routes in city was welcomed among the students. That was why they took the Muni regardless of its short-comes.

Muni station

Muni station in front of SFSU at nighttime, Jan. 28, 2011.

Photoed by Fei YE

The interviewees are Yuan Fawanel, Linda Akerfeldt, Khanh Ha, Pawara Sohand and Avrora Algien. Avrora Algien is an exchange student from France. She gave some opinion about public transportation here comparing with that of her home country.

2 thoughts on “Muni: A convenient way to travel in San Francisco?

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