Interview with Eisenberg

 Stephanie Eisenberg , the 1st on the right side , with the debating team on the District Qualifying Tournament in Malibu, CA. 

According to Webster Dictionary, debating is to discuss a question by considering opposed arguments. In fact, debating can be dated back to the ancient Athens. At that time, citizens gathered to debate the issues before the vote. Nowadays, debating is considered as an integral part of democracy. The famous Presidential Debate is a very good example of it, which is a permanent part of the election.

Not only president candidates debate, thousands of colleges students all over America participate in this activity. Debating teams can be found in most colleges in America. The SF State debating team is one of them.

With decade-long history, the SF State debating team is a prestigious team. It is aimed to develop students’ thinking ability on both sides as well as their communication skills. All students are welcomed to participate in this team, regardless of their experience or major. Each year a group of debaters will be sent to participate in the national tournament, which is considered as the biggest debating competition in America.

Stephanie Eisenberg, a teaching assistant and a M.A. student from the department of communication, is the coach of the SF State debating team. Eisenberg joined the team 5 years ago, as a junior debater. After she finished her under graduation study, she did not quit debating. She became the coach of the debating team a year ago. In the interview, she shared her experience of debating and the information of the SF State debating team with the audience.

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