John Burks on interviewing Jimi Hendrix

John Burks worked for many publications during his career in journalism. He will be retiring from his position as a professor, and will take time to relax and work on his memoir.

John Burks, who is completing his final semester as a magazine writing professor at San Francisco State University, shares his experience interviewing Jimi Hendrix back in 1970. At the time, he was the managing editor for Rolling Stone magazine.

Burks tells his tale to caution journalism students using audio recording devices. Although he had a wonderful interview with Hendrix, technical problems he had will always haunt him. Unfortunately, these problems were not realized until he was far away from the New York City apartment he’d drank brandy and talked for hours at with the superstar.

Although Burks was eventually able to salvage the tapes, he was never able to get another interview with his musical idol who he’d hit it off with so well. Hendrix died two months after the issue came out.


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