Jon Chen, Philosopher

Philosopher Chen

I recently had the chance to sit down and interview Jon Chen, a Philosophy teacher at San Francisco State University. He’s only 23 years-old, which is rather young for a teacher, but he assured me the students treat and respect him as if he were a seasoned professional. Jon understands that we have become visual learners, and wants to shift away from the “old method” of teaching, by coming up with new approaches to old curriculum. He understands that motivation is a big problem in today’s society, so he brings his passion of philosophy into the classroom. “If you are not passionate about the subject your teaching, then the students are not going to be either,” Jon said, “I just try to bring my energy and enthusiasm to the classroom each day.” Jon is only in his 2nd semester of teaching, and is also enrolled in the Master’s program at SFSU. He hopes to one day be teaching full time, but has to finish the program first. When students actively approach him about the lesson and things about their daily lives, it affects John, and it’s the sole reason he wants to become a teacher. “It makes all the hard work worth it, when a student is really into the lesson or positively affected by what I’ve said,” Jon said. “It touches me.”


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