Thoughts on NPR’s Fresh Air and storytelling with audio

After listening to NPR’s Fresh Air, I think I would continue to listen to the show every now and then. There were programs that I really loved like “Will Ferrell: The Comedian Reflects on ‘Fiction’” and there were programs that I found insightful like “Two War Photographers On Their Injuries, Ethics”. There were also some programs that I found dry and boring like “The Past, Always Present In The Atacama Dark” and “Herzog Enters ‘The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams.’” After evaluating my first experience with radio as a whole, I would say that I was pleasantly surprised. Previously, I had only listened to sports talk radio and I hadn’t really discovered this other medium of feature stories for radio. I was also surprised that the stories were able to hold my attention without the use of written words or images.

Listening to Fresh Air and keeping a journal of my experience has truly opened my eyes to the impact that audio can have on society. With the help of interviews, clips and music, audio can evoke emotion and generate change in the same way that photos or written stories can. In this way, audio shows enduring strength that, now matter the technological advancements, will always be prevalent. The weaknesses that audio has includes not being able to actually show you images. This can be a downside because if the actions are not explained properly, the listeners could be missing out on another part of the story or completely misinterpreting it. For the most part, I enjoyed my experience with Fresh Air and I would listen to it for entertainment and as an additional news outlet.


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