Commuting to campus

Compared with public transpontation in Los Angles,  the public transportation in San Francisco is awesome.

For students in SF State, there are so many ways to commute to campus.

For me, the first choice is Muni. Outside my house, there is a bus stop where I can catch both No.29 Muni bus and M-car to go to school.  Even if I miss one bus, just wait less than 20 minutes, there comes another one. The frequency of Muni is adorable here. I’m not that worried about being late for class, as the Muni buses are always punctual.

Some students living near campus or on campus prefer walking to school. It’s a smart choice to both keep fit and save money.

SF State also provides schoolbus to transimit students to downtown campus. You can always see students and staffs in a long queue waiting for SFSU shuttles.


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