Let’s Hear the World

Who still listen to radio everyday?

Before this extra assignment, my answer to the question was the old generation. Listening to radio is obviously out of date.

After spending five days on NPR Morning Edition, my view on audio programs gradually changes.

With the development of Internet, we, as Generation Y, almost abandon newspaper and televisions. Our way to gather updated news is the Internet. If you wanna know what happen last minute, just Google it.

News stories printed on the New York Times or Wall Street Journal seem to be too long to be read. We even won’t open TV at home as almost everything can be viewed on the Internet.

Currently, I just find out audio is also a great way to gather news.

On April 18, in the Morning Edition program, there were news about what’s going on in Lybia, in Japan and in Europe. Each piece of these include in-depth analysis and interviews with experts. Compared with TV news, audio news is more vividly as you can hear nice conversation between the VJ and experts.

The NPR Morning Edition also allow audience to download their audio and transcripts into iPods. When you are sitting on the bus, or waiting for a table in a restaurant, you can pick up your iPod and listen to these audio news.

Audio news is more interesting than printed news, if you feel reading newspaper and magazines are so boring. Audio program is a new way to know what’s going on around the globe.

Let’s hear the world on Morning Edition.


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