Britney Spears “Courts the Gays” with her promised Castro District performance

According to the <a href=””>Examiner</a&gt;, Britney Spears has promised to do a street performance between the 400 and 500 blocks at the intersection of Market and 19th streets. “Good Morning America” will be there with cameras to capture the event of flailing fans as Spears promotes her new tour <a href=””>”Hold it Against Me.”</a> The Examiner quotes a recognized Castro figure drag queen Heklina who believes “It’s a calculated move on Britney’s part to come down and sort of reclaim my gays.” Many promotional rooftop parties are in the process of being organized in the Castro to prepare for Britney’s arrival. Whether or not this move will prove a success for her career is still in question.

This story clearly needed a map, because it explicitly explained where in the Castro District the event is taking place, but in this new age of journalism the method is to SHOW not TELL. This map perfects the article.

<a href=””><img title=”britney-spears-mini-e1298995142247″ src=” keep-alive
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Britney announced her surprise performance in the Castro on 'Good Morning America'

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