Cancer-Causing Pollutants in Monterey Bay!

<a href=””><img title=”cancer-causing_pollution” src=”; alt=”” width=”300″ height=”185″ /></a>

Though pollution is that nagging, almost annoying, worry in the back of your mind, this chart represents a real and close-to-home warning that pollution isn’t going anywhere. It’s here and it’s causing serious health problems. The EPA has several suggestions and real ways to help alleviate those worries! Find them <a href=”;miny=36.58507&amp;maxx=-121.86722&amp;maxy=36.62021&amp;ve=13,36.60263,-121.91491&amp;cLat=&amp;cLon=&amp;pSearch=93944,%20CA”>online</a&gt; and educate yourself on the current situation!

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