Dr. Bertram talks about her educational history and what is important to her


Dr. Bertram is a humanities professor at San Francisco State University. Her specialty is in Islamic religions and their history with art culture. She is currently teaching her first class entitled Style and Expressive Form where she takes students on a trip through various memoirs. She examines the memoirs with the students and engages them to consider what went into each particular memoir and then to go further and reflect on what that memoir means to them in their own lives.

In this class she encourages students to prepare their own memoirs while writing papers regarding the memoirs in question. In this interview she talks about her first trip to Istanbul, her past education as an art historian and where she sees her role in sharing this information with her students.

She sees a difference in the way humanities and history not only play their roles in our world, but how they should be taught to students. She likes to approach her classes in a way that engages students to to memorize when things happened, but why those things happened. What was the human condition at the time of a certain piece of artwork, why was a certain book as important as it was when it came out, and what it is about that book that continues to captivate audiences throughout time and place.

These are her interests and they all stem from images and how humans relate to images.


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