Why did I choose this?

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Though to some it might sound idealistic or naive, I decided to study  journalism because I have an innate empathy. Though there are  undoubtedly infinite reasons to be discouraged and disenchanted by the  lack of humanity and candor around us, I also see infinite examples and possibilities for good.  I’ve seen a lot of problems in  the world as I’ve grown up, and many of them stem from miscommunications, or insufficient communication. As a journalist, I  hope to put myself at the root of the process. News is not about  the writer, but about the people who receive it. I want people reading  the news to see apt reflections of themselves and further to be  enlightened and inspired by what they read. I’m aware that this goal  sounds like the mantra of a superhero, but I feel that  as long as my intentions are good, I will be successful.

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After graduating, I hope to join a news room or the radio equivalent. I  grew up on NPR and feel I would really enjoy working with the radio  format and the creative minds behind its content. I enjoy writing, but  the accessibility of radio journalism is appealing  to me.

I will gain the skills I need by pursuing news, finding inspiration, and  by working hard to get the most from my education. I enjoy writing and  challenging myself to stay aware of what’s happening around me, and my  time at San Francisco State has already given  me a rude awakening to how much I need to learn and how journalism is  an art of continuing education. I hope my education in journalism is  never complete, and I aim to continue learning through my writing.



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