My long commute to SF State

Living in the East Bay and commuting to San Francisco is not an easy task for anyone. On average my commute to SF State takes about an hour and a half.

Other students who live in San Francisco or cities near by may drive, take public transportation (like MUNI), walk, ride a bike, or may even take a short BART ride.

My journey begins when I take a 8 minute drive to the North Concord BART station. The BART ride itself is a little over an hour. Once i get to the Daly City BART Station I usually get on the school shuttle which takes me straight to school. There are some days, I do take MUNI from the Daly City station if the shuttle takes too long.

My commute is a long and noisy one, but my higher education is worth it.

One thought on “My long commute to SF State

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