Commute; no coffee :( no cops :)

Many students take bart and Muni to school but a large number of students also drive. There’s many ways to get to SF state driving and this is just one of them.
SF State is a commuter school it’s very accessible to all modes of transportation, but get in your car and see the sights of the bay bridge. I was upset that I couldn’t film Alcatraz and better angles but I didn’t want to kill myself driving with psychos such as the person in the black jeep in front of me. Also “you know what really grind my gears?? (family guy reference)” that damn S-curve.

1. 580fwy, to toll plaza 101 south to 230 north, exit mission street, follow juneipero serra, around the school to the parking garage.

After this mornings commute I’m really glad I didn’t get a ticket for using my cell phone practically the entire time I was driving, but sadly I did get a ticket for not putting money in the meter on the side of the admin building. $55 for 4 minutes…SMH FML.


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