Audio Interview with SF State Professor Christopher Sterba

Professor Christopher Sterba

 Professor Christopher Mark Sterba has been teaching for about a total about eight years but started his teaching career nearly twenty years ago.  Sterba has been at SF State for approximately three and a half years, with his wife being a fellow teacher in the Humanities department of 13 years.  At SF State he has shown a love of American topics: American art, American Literature, as well as city courses including Boston, New York, San Francisco and Chicago as well.  He loves working at SF State because of the variety of students and faculty, not only in terms of ethnicity but also age, and geographic location.  Sterba has taught both in the United States and also internationally for a time.  Besides his years at SF State, Sterba also taught a semester at UCSF as well as two years at New York University.  Before that in his early 20’s Sterba taught for a year in Spain, teaching mostly professional adults to speak English as a second language.  As a very influential year of Sterba’s life, this year in Spain garnered a life-long love of the country, although he hasn’t been able to see it for almost 20 years.  His experiences with other cultures and places help him to display a well-rounded point of view and appreciate different aspects of the world.  This interview explores parts of his time in Spain teaching and also dips into the reasons why he loves teaching and keeps teaching students different topics to this day.


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