Audio interview with SFSU’s Political science professor Aaron Belkin

The following audio clip is an interview with my American politics professor Aaron Belkin, who specializes in military masculinity and sexuality in the armed forces. He has published numerous journal articles, chapters, and books, including Counter-factual Thought Experiments in World Politics and United We Stand?:Conquer Politics and the Logic of International Hostility.

Professor Belkin near his apartment building. Photo Credit: Aaron Belkin

I enjoyed most of Belkin’s lectures because he usually presents some of the boldest and most interesting arguments for what is going on in politics today. Professor Belkin also encourages most of his students to challenge his theories rather than mindlessly agree with him, which is another reason why I enjoy his class. Although I am majoring in print/online journalism it would have been too redundant to interview someone from the journalism department. One of the reasons why I choose to interview Aaron Belkin was because political science and journalism seem to blend well together.

The interview briefly goes over why Aaron Belkin chose to teach at San Francisco State and some of his accomplishments in the political science field. Professor Belkin’s interview shows that he’s not only a writer and lecturer, but is also someone who practices what he preaches outside of the classroom. For example, Aaron founded the Palm Center, a research institute committed to sponsoring state-of-the-art scholarship to enhance the quality of public dialogue about critical and controversial issues of the day.

Aaron was also elected to be the new Grand Marshal for San Francisco’s gay pride parade. Grand Marshals represent a mix of individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the LGBT community. Professor Belkin is probably one of my toughest teachers this semester, but he certainly isn’t boring.

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