Fresh Air on NPR

This log of my thoughts and opinions was generated after I listened to Terry Gross NPR radio show Fresh Air.  The interviews I refer to are from five different shows that aired from April 25-29 2011, which I found on NPR’s website.

As I prepared myself for what I was about to hear I was anxious to find out what a show titled Fresh Air would have in store for me.  The first two shows focused on two interviews were on the topic of the Freedom Riders from the South in the 1960’s.  I enjoyed both of the interviews because they intrigued me, especially the first interview from April 29, which began with a previous interview that Terry Gross had done with a man that had been arrested for being a freedom rider. The way that Gross politely interjected with her questions added a nice flow to the interview. There was one interview that I didn’t care for much, which was on an examination of David Foster Wallace‘s literary works, which aired on April 27. I just didn’t feel interested, I think that had the narrator John Powers used a different tone I would have enjoyed it more. Powers seemed to have a bit of a sarcastic undertone, which kind of threw me off. My favorite piece had to be the interview with financial writer Diana Henriques who was discussing her interview with Bernie Madoff. As an aspiring journalist I found it interesting how she discussed her feelings and thoughts and what was going through her head as she interviewed someone as powerful as Madoff. The last show that I also enjoyed, because of it’s newsworthiness, was about the effects of anesthesia on the brain.

Overall, I do think that I will continue listening to the Fresh Air partly because I found the interviews to be interesting and for some very informative. Although I don’t think that audio stories have as profound of an effect on our society as they did in the past I think that there is still a market for it. Many people prefer visuals to accompany their stories, myself being one of them, but I think that for some particular pieces, such as the one of the freedom riders, the speakers voice and story are powerful enough to make in impact without the use of visuals.


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