Jonathan Lee interview, editor of “Cambodian American Experiences”

Jonathan Lee is an Asian American Studies professor at SF State. He is the editor of the book,  “Cambodian American Experiences” which is the text book for the Class he started here about Cambodian-American people in America. He Started here in 2009 and is now on his 4th semester of teaching. He teaches Comparative Asian-American history, Vietnamese -American history and Vietnamese-American identity, a cultural psychology course. He has also taught a course called Asians in America, a class on social and economic issues for Asians in America. He just recently edited a book called “the Encyclopedia of Asian-American Folklore and Folk-life “ that came out in 2011 about . It covers subject like myths, legends, traditions and other cultural celebrations. He first began to pursue his interest in Asian -American studies when he took a class on the subject during his sophomore year of college in 95′. He has devoted his life to the subject ever since. He received his undergrad degree in ethnic studies, then pursued his Masters and PhD in Religious Studies. After that went on to attain his teaching certificate from UCSB in 2009.


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