My Interview with former SFSU Business Professor Thomas Ramirez (Al.Scott)

This is an interview I conducted with former SF State business instructor Thomas or Tom Ramirez. He only taught for a year, while going through a transitional period and is back in the banking world as a commercial loans officer at Wells Fargo. I was happy I was able to pick his brain for a while about the business world and how it’s change and his opinions of it.

The topics we discussed were on the lines of how he got started in business, which he stated he was sort of born into it in his family. We also talked about how he feels students are doing themselves a disservice by not learning simple business points, because ultimately it will affect them whether they are business students or not. We discussed how much students really understand business, which he explained it depends on their background. The more economically stable someone is, the more likely they are able to understand simple business transactions and practices. He stated that students that are from middle to lower income families, may have the desire to learn business, but not necessarily grasp the concepts as easy as ones who are more privileged. My favorite part of the interview was when I asked him to apply business to his own personal life and he said if I had to describe my life in a quote it would be “everything is business.” I thought it was a great way to sort of wind it down.


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