NPR’s Fresh Air

I’ve listened to five episodes of NPR’s program, Fresh Air. It is  generally between an hour to an hour and features an interviewer speaking with a guest or two that has expertise in a certain subject. In my case the interviewer for most of the episodes was Terry Gross, with one hosted by Dave Davies.  My overall experience of listening to these episodes was very informative and interesting. With the first one that I listened to being about Public schooling in America, I was shocked to hear some of the things that author Dian Ravege said about the schooling system. She had very interesting and on the system and her book about the death of the schooling system seem s to bring up some very insightful subjects that could possibly help shape the future of public schooling. My favorite interview of the five was the one hosted By Dave Davies in which he speaks with the author of the book “Wicked Bugs”. Her name is Amy Stewart. One of the bugs she talks about is the Asian Giant Hornet, a 5cm. long hornet that pillages honey bee colonies and steals the honey. Interesting stuff. After listening to these episodes I definitely plan of listening to more in the future. I was already a fan of NPR and would have it on the radio whenever I would commute to school or work during my time in L.A. when I frequently drove my car. Now That I know about the podcast, It will now be on  daily agenda.  Audio stories are a great way of reporting information mainly, in my opinion, because people like to listen to them in their car.  Commutes and even trips to the store are perfect times to listen. This is a great way to reach the public. The downside of audio stories is, of course, the lack of imagery. Seeing the people and object described could add greatly to the story.


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