The Myth, The Medium…The Radio?

Radio Lab

                Recently I downloaded Radiolab and listened to most of their Podcasts. I don’t consider myself so science savvy, but the episodes were interesting and easy to follow. I really liked the episode “Desperately Seeking Symmetry.” They discussed molecules and what things that can happen when scientists make synthetic mirror molecules. There was also a charming story about a man and what happened when he decided to part his hair on the other side of his head.  There was also an episode about a woman able to run off seizures and went on to become the best ultra-runner  and a story about a man with a bird who learned to comfort him.

I plan to continue to listen to the show and similar shows in the future. I like the way the stories were set up and the content was presented. They also picked interesting stories and approached them in a creative way. The length of their show varies, sometimes it’s 15 minutes long or sometimes it’s an hour, but the shows are usually always good.

I intend to continue to listen to the radio in the future. At the very least on longer drives, but also I plan to continue to listen to other podcasts of radio shows. A lot of people still listen to the radio as a news source, as well as a way to listen to music. There are even more people who download podcasts of radio shows, so there is an expansive audience, I think there is a need for audio stories. The ability to be able to tell a good story, or to tell it in a compelling way can be useful to get news across in an audio context, however can fall short of actually showing the audience what is going on.


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