Thoughts on NPR’s Morning Edition

Given the arduous commute I so often endure, listening to NPR’s Morning Edition has become somewhat of a ritual.

While I would still place Twitter as my top news source (especially given the immediacy of the platform), during the morning and evening commute NPR definitely places itself in a close second.

For this assignment, listening to Morning Edition was something I had already down, and will certainly continue to do.

One of the main reasons I’ll continue to listen, and why audio still holds its own is two-fold really. Audio news is capable of both gripping your attention in some areas while still letting you continue your task at hand. This is why TV news just doesn’t grab my attention, as (especially with my generation) it demands too much constant attention. Rather, listening to something (much like music) while still free to do other things feels more viable.

Take for example today’s Morning Edition (pop-up), which opened with audio from the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. While I don’t feel the story should have received so much coverage, in some respects it was engaging to hear audio directly from the ceremony itself.

Another great example comes from Thursday’s show (pop-up), opening with the devastation from the tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In somewhat “classic” NPR fashion, sounds of chainsaws cutting trees are mixed with the reporter’s voice, giving greater context and immersion into the story.

It’s these examples which are what make NPR (and Morning Edition) such strong reporting, emphasizing very engaging audio to continually pull the listener into the story.


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