How I get to SFSU and how others commute

The video below is my (shaky) documentary of a typical commute to SFSU. I walk, take underground Muni M line, and walk a little more to get to classes.

What other ways do students commute? I mention skateboard, bicycle, car, and even taxi.

There is a trolley that takes people up and down the Powell Street hill to Powell Bart station. These (by trolley or BART) are other ways as well, although I do note that most students either cannot or choose not to afford a trolley or taxi ride to school.

Also, there is a free SFSU shuttle from the Daly City BART that is worth mentioning. This is a little out of my way (coming from downtown and having a BART pass that only covers SF city area), but it is an excellent, fast, and direct way to campus for those who can take advantage.

Enjoy the music. It eases the terrible cinematography a little ; ) just as it eases my own bumpy ride to State.

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