Percussion at SFSU

I stumbled across Beth Wiesen-Danger while searching for someone with an interesting hobby in the creative arts building. She’s a music performance major, with an emphasis on percussion. By focusing on percussion, she gets to play many different instruments like timpani, marimba, snare, cymbals, and several others. But she mostly plays Timpani, which are the large drums in the video, and marimba – the mallet instrument. She’s been playing marimba for about 10 years, starting out in the Bay Area Drum and Bugle Corps, a world class marching band based in Concord, CA. In the drum corps, she had little experience but much potential, and was moved to the front of the band, which gave her the necessary confidence and passion to dedicate herself to percussion. Nowadays, she’s almost finished with school, with only one year to go until earning her music performance degree. Wiesen-Danger plays with the Bay Area Rainbow Symphony, and several other music ensembles at San Francisco State.


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