Brandon’s Rock Climb

Brandon Wong finds solace in rock climbing. He does it to be outdoors and one with nature, and also to train his body. One of his favorite spots to climb is Ring Mountain in Marin County. He has been climbing that spot for over a year, as it offers a variety of rock challenges ranging from very easy to very difficult.

“There are a bunch of different rocks out there. I try to focus on one at a time until I master it and then I move onto the next one,” Brando said in regards to the way he practices. “I’m always pushing myself trying to be better and better.”

Rock climbing still maintains a niche market as many people are intimidated by the thought of climbing a large rock.

“If your just starting out, you can always go to an indoor gym because it’s a lot safer and specifically “W designed for beginners,” Brando said. “We need more climbers out there!”


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