Designing a Fashion Collection with Allie Ramirez

San Francisco Academy of Art journalism and fashion design student Allie Ramirez shares her process for designing and creating her latest portfolio, which is inspired by the Parisian carnival of the 1930’s. Her collection features draped silk fabrics in stripes, solids and polka dots. The color palette includes black, white, blue and burnt orange.

Allie finds the fabrics that inspire her collections at the Alameda County flea market and from garments she buys at vintage stores in the city. She favors older fabrics.

She credits the Academy of Art for teaching her the best ways to present her work. She’s learned how to use Photoshop to render and perfect her hand-drawn fashions. Allie also does the make-up and styling for the models who showcase her fashions.

Her ultimate career goal is to one day work as an editorial stylist for a fashion magazine.


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