Lion Dance: An interesting Hobby in San Francisco

Originating in China about thousands years ago, the lion dance performance  is  a traditional Chinese Martial Art ,which is supposed to bring

luck and wish to people. And now you do not have to journey to China to watch it, You can just see it right here, since lion dance becomes  an

interesting hobby for some students in San Francisco.

White Crane is one of the prestigious lion dance art troupe in San Francisco with 40 active members. Most of the members are high school students.

For them, lion dance is not a tough skill but a hobby they want to stick with.

I went to the studio of the White Crane, which is located at the St. Louis Allay in Chinatown May 1. It is the place they usually practice the lion dance.

The major performer in my video is Jack Lam, 20. He has been doing lion dancing ,since 10 years old. He said lion dance, as a hobby, is an integral part of his life.


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