A segment on filming

For this hobby assignment, I was able to film a group of nine former SF State students filming. Mind you, it took me a few days to find something remotely interesting, since a lot of people have the same hobbies. The process of filming is tedious and difficult but worth it in the end. The work it takes to get one scene filmed perfectly is even more time consuming.

The former students were filming outside near in between Burk Hall the Fine Arts building on a sunny yet windy day. I was able to film them from different spots within the mini-quad while they were filming. Mother nature was being a little difficult in terms of allowing me to keep my iPhone camera steady, but I was able to get in a few good shots.

The director and the cast and crew had to stop filming every now and then because students leaving class would get in their shot, meaning a re-take was necessary.

I chose to film someone filming because it’s not done very often and leads to a good story. If things went my way and the director didn’t bail on me in terms of my final interview, it would have gone a lot better. However, narration is a good aspect, too. Many newscasts only have narration and not interviews, depending on how long the segment is. Enjoy!


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