Archery, a beneficial hobby.

Conrado Henriquez has been practicing archery as hobby for almost 30 years. In 1982, he saw some bows in a hardware store and reminded him there is an archery range in Golden Gate Park, so he decided to do archery. Henrquez feels that archery is very beneficial to him both physically and mentally because it helps him to exercise some muscles that he never used before and helps him to forget some horrible things. In the beginning, Henriquez usually shoot with his ex-wife, and she always shot better than him. Later on, his ex-wife confessed that she had been secretly taking archery class in City College. When his skill started to improve and got better score than his ex-wife, she stopped to shoot with him. Henriquez has spent thousands on archery equipments over the years, and his current bow along costs $1600. He shoots mostly on weekend, but sometime he shoots on weekday when he got out of the work early.


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