Begginning Archer in Golden Gate Park

On the West end of Golden Gate Park, at the corner of 47th Ave and Fulton there is the Golden Gate Park Archery Fields. The field is for the use of the public, free of charge, and has created a haven for those who seek a different type of hobby.

You can’t really let arrows just fly around anywhere, so to have this resource is valuable for anyone wishing to seek this sport. A community is created through the specialized hobby and on any given day there are people from all walks of life utilizing the beautiful grass knoll.

A variety of equipment is used and represents people’s different styles when it comes to this sport. Modern bows like the one featured in this video are popular, but there is also a presence of traditional, wooden, long bows. Long bows can be six feet long with a string tension weight of up to 160 pounds.

Often there are people with extra equipment who would be happy to help a novice archer explore the sport and extend the community of people who find their refuge within this sport and hobby.

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